(Norman {grey cat}, Moose {long-haired cat}, Pepe {terrier mix} and Murphy {Yorkie-Maltese}).
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Currently, we're a one-doggie family, and the queen of the house is our lovely lab lady, Casey. She's 4 years old, and she's been with me since I bought my house. She was given to me as a gift at Christmas time in 1998, when she was not quite a tiny puppy any more. She was at her lanky limbs stage of puppyhood, so very adorable in a less cuddly, more awkward little kid kind of way. I was instantly smitten.

Casey is our little girl (even though she now equals my human years in her dog years) and has all the spunk and personality you'd ever want in a best friend. David calls her his favorite "little hairy person."

She is certainly not a lap dog (tipping the scales at a "robust" 85 pounds), but she is a great cuddler. When we have guests, she always aims to impress by bringing each one of her toys (smelly, torn, and otherwise mangled) from her toy basket and presenting it for impress value and possible play action. Casey also loves to beg for food. If you even look remotely like you may be putting something into your mouth, she is there, drooling and making sad puppy eyes at you (and occasionally letting out an impatient mini-bark to remind you she wants some, and what the hell is taking you so long to give it to her?).

We have tons of pics. Will try to get them all in one place:
(Norman {grey cat}, Moose {long-haired cat}, Pepe {terrier mix} and Murphy {Yorkie-Maltese}).
Sadly, Norman is no longer with us, but Moose, Pepe, and Murphy are my parents' babies and our surrogate pets as well as Casey's little buddies.